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Weather Notification Service

Severe Weather Communcation

ReadyAlert's™ Weather Notification Service uses an API from a National Weather Company to allow our users to receive real-time weather event notications for their company, organization, staff and employees. By allowing the you to configure your own parameters about what type of weather related events you want to receive, how often, detailed down to a radial proximity of your physical location you can be sure that you will always stay in the know of what is happening outside.

Our services can also be combined to create a highly effective notification program allowing users to receive ALL important notifications from (ANS) Business related communications to (NSN) Life Saving critical events. See below under "Combined Services" to see what systems can be combined with the (WNS) Weather Notification Service.

No Specific Equipment Required!!!

Communicate with 1 or 1000's instantly through any internet connection, including via SMS, MMS, Email and Voice (Landline Calling). Pre-select the group(s) and / or user(s) you want to notify of weather related events and when bad weather hits your specified proximity an alert will go automatically to your pre-selected group(s) and user(s). ReadyAlert™ notifies all of the named communication devices as well as the e-mail account for all individuals in those groups. Watch in real-time as each person confirms receipt. Enhance your ability to be nimble and act immediately as the text responses create two-way communication on-the-fly.

Potential uses of ReadyAlert's™ Weather Notification Services:

  • Lightning (Close or Near Proximity)
  • Tornado Watches and Warnings
  • Hail Events Issued or Hail Damage
  • Wind speeds and or damaging effects
  • Severe weather proximity
  • Potential Flooding
  • Notifying staff or employees of closures due to weather related events
  • And so much more!


See something missing that you absolutely must have? We can customize your ReadyAlert™ account for you depending on your situational needs. All customization is provided on a case-by-case basis and is priced accordingly.

Notification service packages:

Combined Service:

  • (ANS) Alert Notification Service
  • (SNS) STEMI Notification Service
  • (NSN) Neighbors Saving Neighbors

Add-on Features:

  • Targeted Device Communication
  • Text-to-Speech conversion (Voice Calls)
  • Language Translation

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